Saving Mothers in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world!

Saving Mothers is an amazing nonprofit dedicated to improving maternal health in the developing world by providing the tools needed to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. Recently Saving Mothers went on two medical missions in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala to provide care to local residents and support local maternal health efforts.


Dr. Cosigua is a local generalist in Guatemala that has worked with Saving Mothers for over two years. He works at a small private hospital and local Ministry of Health clinic. Additionally, he is a preceptor for the Comadrona School of POWHER (Providing Outreach for Women’s Health Education and Resources), a school launched in 2014 by Saving Mothers that educates local birth attendants about women’s health, prenatal care, and family planning to better equip them to handle any situation.


Local birth attendants in class at the Comadrona School of POWHER


Saving Mothers volunteers Dr. Tarineh Shirazian and Kim Abruzese tend to patients in the hospital