St. Luke’s School of Nursing travels to Honduras with MAMA Project

FIGS donated scrubs for 4 medical missions to Honduras whereby the medical teams worked in medical, dental and construction brigades.  Those teams of 15-25 volunteers went to rural communities in Honduras to test hemoglobin levels (for anemia), hand out vitamins & deworming medicines, check blood pressures, see patients, give necessary medicines, and cement floors.

MAMA Project’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Center in Honduras houses malnourished children and their families.  While at the Center, the children receive the medical care they need, nutritious food, and an education.  Mothers are taught how to give their child nutritious food, working in a garden, cooking with soy, the importance of hand-washing, deworming (for intestinal parasites) and using micronutrients (similar to a multi-vitamin).  MAMA Project sends approximately 1.5 million deworming tablets to Honduras each year to distribute nation-wide.  In addition to those programs, MAMA has been working on a Child Survival Training to train area leaders and other missionaries that serve in rural communities of third-world countries.  Each year they train 10-20 people on how to identify malnutrition, the steps in helping a child with malnutrition, and many other aspects of Child Survival.

Working out the logistics.

Processing patients in the clinic.

St Luke's School of Nursing at Moravian College
MAMA Project