Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho chi minh city is a vibrant, thriving, bustling city that never sleeps. Motorbikes fill the vast boulevards. Lots of excitement. Lots of noise. Lots of color. Vietnam is known for their mastery of tailoring. This is where we produce our scrubs... Lucky us.

I have known the factory owner since I was 19. Mr Van. He started with 35 employees and now has over 3,000 - ten years later. Incredible to see and incredible to work with a true vietnamese entrepreneur.

We would start in the morning by drinking strong coffee in tiny cups then an afternoon coconut juice break (my favorite.) We work with our team of pattern makers and tailors to sew our scrubs until they are perfected. We sit and tweak the patterns and go over all the details until everything is just right. Lots of hard work, precision and heart go into each style we create