UCLA 16th Street Outpatient Surgery and Oncology Center

Location: Santa Monica, California

Square footage: 45,000 sq ft

The Outpatient Surgery and Oncology Center in Santa Monica expresses the continuation of early California Modernist sensibilities and incorporates extensive sustainable, green-building strategies.  The design concept asserts that a more natural and less clinical environment promotes healing in patients and alert, productive behavior in doctors, staff, and students.  Primary design considerations include the creation of a distinctive and articulated massing, the maximal inclusion of natural day lighting and ventilation throughout the building, and a strong indoor-outdoor connection.  The project achieves LEED Gold Certification for New Construction and is the first Outpatient Surgery and Oncology Center in the nation to achieve this rating.

To promote patient healing and staff productivity, the design is infused with features to accomplish a natural, light-filled environment with a strong indoor-outdoor connection.Every opportunity to bring sunlight deep into the building core is explored.