5 Wines to Get You Through Medical School

Meet our guest blogger, Lauren Bessette, a second year med student at Oklahoma State University and certified sommelier. Take it away Lauren...

Let’s face it, med schoolin’ ain’t easy. Constant studying, never-ending examinations, and as soon as you feel like you might be caught up, you realize you are so far from it. Sometimes it can be hard to sit back and relax, but it is so important to find balance while in school. Here are five wines for five occasions to help you survive medical school.

1. Beaujolais: Need an excuse for a study break? This wine comes with its own holiday! And every holiday deserves a celebration. In France, the third Thursday of November marks Beaujolais Nouveau Day, celebrated with fireworks, music, and festivals. Made from the Gamay grape, this wine is vibrant, fruity, and pairs perfect with a big juicy hamburger. Yum!

(Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages, Beaujolais, France)

2. Sparkling wine: Just finish a big exam? Treat yourself! It is impossible to be anything but happy after you hear the pop of a cork. Often paired with shellfish, and excellent with sushi, this style of wine is incredibly versatile.

(Sauvage Blanc de Blancs, New Mexico, USA)

3. Riesling: This wine screams “Girl’s night!” What is more fun than a fruity, acidic wine with a hint of sweetness on a much-needed night with girlfriends? Nothing. This wine is great with cheese boards, desserts, or by itself. So call up your girls, swing by your favorite cheese shop, and grab a bottle of Riesling!

(Clean Slate Riesling, Mosel, Germany)

4. Petite Sirah: Needing a night curled up by the fire with a book that isn’t about emerging diseases or board prep? Try this rich and velvety petite sirah. This varietal is not just a “little” version of syrah (or shiraz), it is actually a distinct variety. It is known for its chocolate, dark plum, and black pepper notes. So smooth and so good.

(Spellbound Petitie Sirah, California, USA)

5. Sauvignon Blanc: So you get out of class early enough to enjoy a little sunshine, pair it with a chilled glass of refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Originally from the Bordeaux region of France, this wine has made its way to almost every wine-growing region and morphed into beautiful distinct wines in each place. Crisp, dry, and aromatic are words often used to describe a good Sauv Blanc, no matter where it is from.

(Kono Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand)



Lauren continues to share about her love of wine on her website www.LaurenBessette.com with weekly posts for “The Broke Sommelier’s Guide to Wine.”