Meet Dr. Cassie Majestic

You’ve already met our FIGS VIPs — but how well do you really know them? We chatted with Dr. Cassie Majestic (find her on Instagram at @dr.majestic_md) about all things emergency medicine, getting gross, and loving FIGS.

As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Cassie Majestic has seen a lot of weird stuff. And we mean weird. When it comes to foreign bodies in places they shouldn’t be — places she says you couldn’t even imagine — she’s seen it all. “You name it, I’ve seen it.”

But she’s seen some really amazing things, too, like tons of lives saved over the years. And she doesn’t just mean that typical, “He’s crashing! Get the defibrillators!” kind of saving someone’s life. Sometimes it’s a little more subtle than that. “Keeping someone from going home with something terrible because I diagnosed them correctly? That makes me pretty proud to be a doctor.” And there are other things she’s proud of, too — like being able to find a moment for herself amidst all the chaos.



It’s not all glitz and glamor and grateful patients in the Emergency Department, though. With emergencies comes a variety of treatments and tests and exams, and Dr. Majestic has to be ready for all of them. The worst? Rectal exams — but not because of the exams themselves. “I have a lot of awkward moments with male patients because sometimes they say some really awkward things — like, ‘Maybe you should move the ultrasound probe a little lower,’ or ‘Can you use two fingers? I need a second opinion right now.’” Luckily, Dr. Majestic knows when to lay down the law… and when to laugh it off. “I think laughter is pretty necessary in the ICU, because without laughter, you can’t bring other people up. And if you can’t bring those who are sick and sad up in the ICU, what can you do for them?”

That’s why Dr. Majestic pulls pranks. One of her favorites? “Phone calls telling the younger trainees in the Emergency Department about a ‘crazy patient’ that’s coming in when they’re not prepared. That always gets them riled up.”


When you’re eating your lunch with someone else’s poop entirely too nearby, or delivering bad news to a patient or their loved ones, or dealing with wild patients who stumble in from the bars at night, things get wild. But for Dr. Majestic, it’s all manageable as long as she has her FIGS. In just three words, they keep her feeling comfortable, pretty, and classy — and that goes a long way.