An Office Full of FIGS - Dr. Raimondi

NYC Prosthodontist Dr. Robert Raimondi (@drraimondi on Instagram) has one of the coolest staffs around. Not only do they have all the helpful oral hygiene tips you need, they're also all rocking FIGS. Find out what a day is like in their shoes. 

We treat a variety of patients, and our schedule can be unpredictable at times, but it is always a comfy day when we are wearing our FIGS! My staff and I are always raving about how much we love their scrubs. 

It is so important to pay close attention to what your body needs, especially when living and working in NYC. We sometimes forget the basics when running around with our crazy schedules. The most obvious tip (and the one that is often forgotten)? STAY HYDRATED! Drinking water can help prevent cavities — and bad breath. It is also an excellent source of fluoride which makes your teeth stronger! Here are some our favorites. Cheers!

Spring has sprung in NYC! Sometimes I have to step out of the office for meetings with colleagues nearby (okay, okay, and I just want to enjoy the awesome weather!), and I always throw on my Essential Field Vest. Did you know it has 8 pockets?! 

When I am in between seeing patients, I often reach for a healthy snack to keep me energized. Working in dentistry, I am always thinking about which foods can provide extra health benefits for my teeth. The probiotics in yogurt slow down the growth of bacteria that cause cavities. And since yogurt is high in calcium, it also keeps your teeth strong. It’s a win-win! My favorite is @siggisdairy since theirs is low in sugar and high in calcium. Yum!

Like with any practice, there is down time once in a while. So what do we do when we have some free time? Clean each other’s teeth, of course! Having routine dental cleanings are imperative for your health. Not only do they make sure you have a whiter and brighter smile, but they also screen for oral cancer which is detectable during your routine cleaning.

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