how do you make antimicrobial scrubs?

We know that coming in contact with germs is par for the course in your world – that’s why all of our scrubs are made of 100% awesomely antimicrobial fabric. So what exactly makes our antimicrobial fabric so awesome? It has a silver lining. Literally.

We achieve this by incorporating SILVADUR™ into all of our medical apparel. SILVADUR™ is an antimicrobial polymer that evenly distributes silver ions across the fabric to form a shield against bacteria.


Simply put, SILVADUR™’s silver ions interrupt bacteria’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to bacteria’s survival, so when bacteria comes in contact with the silver ions, the bacteria literally falls apart.

Silver seems like a weird thing to incorporate into fabric until you learn that silver has been used as an antimicrobial agent since ancient times. Silver remains in high demand today as a leading antimicrobial. It’s used in ointments and bandages to prevent the growth of a broad range of microorganisms, and is also used as a biocide is in hospitals to ward against the staph germ MRSA, often referred to as a “superbug.”

When added to fabric, you get superior protection against bacteria with the added bonus of making the fabric more durable as well as keeping it fresher, longer. Silver is also completely safe to come in contact with, including those with sensitive skin. Plus, the silver won’t ever migrate from the fabric or cross the skin barrier.

It’s nice to know that even after the germiest 12-hour shift, your comfortable, wrinkle resistant, good-looking FIGS scrubs have superior bacteria protection. So if you’re looking for a silver lining when it comes to battling germs every day, you’ve found it in FIGS scrubs!