Lahore, Pakistan


Location: Eastern Pakistan, along the Ravi River
Founded: Unknown, some trace its history back 4,000 years
Size: 684 square miles
Population: 10 million people
Language: Urdu

Lahore is the second-largest metropolitan area in Pakistan and the 15th-most-populous city in the world. It’s considered the cultural heart of Pakistan.


To provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children in the area.

Date: June, 2016

Most of Pakistan’s population lives off of $2 a day or less, and the country has an estimated 6,650 cleft births each year. So there is much work to be done!

The Team

Smile Train

Members: Partner surgeons from the Lahore Cleft Lip and Palate Welfare Society

The team has helped provide more than 6,700 cleft lip and palate surgeries across Pakistan in the past 12 months.




The team in Lahore

The team and patients in Lahore

Medical mission photos provided by Smile Train
Photo of Badshahi Masjid in Lahore by Waqas Mustafeez (CC BY 2.0)