Meet Dr. Evan Antin!

Meet Dr. Evan Antin from the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California (although you may know him from his ‘wildly’ popular Instagram feed @dr.evanantin). Not only is Dr. Antin an animal expert who specializes in exotics, wildlife, and small animals, he’s also a true lover of all animals – including lizards and snakes!   

It's clear Dr. Antin is passionate about his work, and after spending a day watching him interact with his patients, it’s clear they think he’s pretty cool, too!

Behind the scenes. Dr. Antin AKA the Lizard Whisperer and a black-throated monitor are ready for their closeup.  

Dr. Antin’s signature accessory? A warm and fuzzy ball of fur — today it’s a Australian Shepherd puppy named Jax.

Have you hugged your pot-bellied pig today? Dr. Antin wouldn’t miss a chance with Oswald.

Seriously, the snake was “this long” — Dr. Antin with Satan, an albino reticulated python.

Double the fun. Dr. Antin with a stack of Mexican beaded lizards.

While Dr. Antin is all about sharing the fun and playfulness of the creatures he cares for, he also is serious when it comes to giving back to the animal community by promoting animal welfare and conservation.


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