Friends of FIGS- NurseGrid

NurseGrid puts easy to use staffing, scheduling, and communication technology at the fingertips of caregivers.

What it is:

NurseGrid is an integrated technology platform for nurses, nurse leaders, and nursing departments with two main components:

NurseGrid Mobile is a free mobile app used by nurses to connect with colleagues and manage their busy schedules on a calendar made just for them.

NurseGrid Manager is a web app that seamlessly integrates with NurseGrid Mobile, and allows nursing departments to simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management, making staff and managers happier and more productive.

How it got started:

NurseGrid was started by two long-time nurses who noticed two key things during their time on the floor: First, that while nurses were instrumental to both excellent patient care and high patient satisfaction, they were rarely involved in department decisions that affected them, particularly when it came to technology. So while the medicine being practiced in their hospitals was cutting-edge, the technology they were offered as nurses to do the most basic non-medical tasks, was not.

Secondly, the lack of modern, easy to use technology for non-medical, administrative tasks such as staffing, scheduling, and communication was creating significant operational inefficiencies within departments and facilities, costing time and money and, in some cases, threatening proper staffing and effective patient care--not to mention contributing to costly staff burnout and turnover.

NurseGrid was created with the goal of addressing both of these issues with easy-to-use technology that nurses would readily adopt because it made their lives easier and that would bring efficiency and cost savings to departments and facilities, ensuring a rare win-win for staff and facilities. Instead of the standard top-down healthcare technology approach with slow rollouts and low end user adoption, NurseGrid aims to flip that script in focusing on end users' needs first.

The NurseGrid team hard at work! 

What medical professionals are saying about NurseGrid:

The NurseGrid Mobile iOS app has a five-star average from over 1,200 ratings. Nurses tell them all the time that they're thrilled to finally have a free app meant just for them that makes their lives so much easier.

Reviews from nurses express excitement over a calendar design tailored to their unique schedules that makes it quick to enter and manage their schedules and gives them an easy visual representation of their on and off days for better planning.

They love that they have the ability to share their schedules with friends and family, as well as the ability to communicate and share schedules with colleagues, whether to find someone to swap with or to plan an activity. They also report that this is helping to create tighter communities on their floors. NurseGrid has over 6,500 nursing departments with 10 or more NurseGrid users.

For managers, the ease with which open shifts can be delivered and received with NurseGrid has made a huge change to their day to day work--managers and schedulers can easily find and notify available staff members, and staff get less frequent, more relevant communications. Managers also love being able to make sure staff knows where to be and when by automatically updating calendars as shifts and events change, and staff love receiving their department schedule as soon as it's published. 

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Some of the team at the ANCC Magnet conference.