Passi City, Philippines


Location: Philippines, in the province of Iloilo
Founded: 1766 (first Spanish settlement)
Size: 97 square miles
Population: 79,663 people
Language: Kinaray-a


To provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children in the area.

Date: April, 2016

The Team

Smile Train

Members: The Operation NewFace partner team

Since its inception, Smile Train Philippines has provided more than 40,000 free, high-quality cleft repair surgeries. 80+ partner surgeons and 100+ partner hospitals have helped Smile Train scale programs across the country.

Operation NewFace has been one of those partners since 2013. They’ve committed themselves to reaching the rural and secluded communities of the Philippines by hosting in-country outreach campaigns in areas where patients don’t have access to adequate healthcare.

The Work

During this campaign, 76 patients received cleft surgery. The outreach campaign was held at Don Valerio Palmares Hospital in Passi.

The Experience

The geographical makeup of the Philippines presents many challenges for not only Smile Train partner team, but patients as well. Many of them must cross rivers, climb mountains, and walk for miles to reach a hospital. Some have never seen a doctor in their lives!

Smile Train's Operation New Face partner team with patient in Passi



Photos provided by Smile Train