Skoura, Morocco


Location: Skoura, Morocco
Population: 3,000
Language: Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish, English


The goal was to bring clean scrubs to an underserved health center in Morocco.

Date: May 2017

The Experience

Through our Threads for Threads initiative, FIGS donates to healthcare providers in need all over the globe. During a recent trip to Morocco, FIGS co-founder and CEO Heather Hasson stopped at some small clinics and fell in love with one particular hospital. 

Based in Skoura, a town with a population of about 3,000 people, this hospital is the only in the area — and it's run by just one doctor. With her team of nurses and midwives, though, this doctor does some amazing work and helps 30,000 patients. 

One of their challenges? They don't have scrubs, which they call pajamas. Luckily, Heather had a few sets with her that she gladly handed over. 

Clean scrubs can reduce hospital-acquired infection rate by 66%, and when it comes to working in women's health and delivering children, lowering infection rates can mean saving a lot of lives. 

Here at FIGS, we're so grateful to be able to help and give back. And we're so glad that, by buying a set, all of our customers join us on our journey to ensure hospitals and health care centers all over the world have clean scrubs.