the figs holiday gift guide

That special medical professional in your life might seem to have every high-tech gadget and luxury good known to humankind- but one thing is for sure, they can never have enough FIGS! Whether they're sartorially savvy or covet comfort, you'll find the perfect gift in our curated guide.

The Style Specialist

He's always updating his look and manages to make jeans and a tee look incredibly cool.

Graphite Leon, Graphite Axim, Longsleeve, Vest.

Goes for the Classics

He's all about classy neutrals, minimalist pieces, and timeless style.

Charcoal Naga, Charcoal Eldoret, Shortsleeve, Fleece.

Skips the suit

He would rather skip the business casual button down and khakis and just get down to biz (and still look great).

Navy Leon, Navy Pisco, Joule Lab Coat.

Loves the great outdoors- and a great workout.

She hits the trail or the gym any chance she gets and loves functional pockets for gadgets both on call and out in the wild.

Purple Casma, Purple Kade, Seamless, Fleece.

Dr. Fashionista

She's always getting asked where she gets her clothes and manages to make even the simplest outfit look amazing.

Navy Soho top, Navy Zaba pant, Shortsleeve.

Connoisseur of comfort

She seeks out the deliciously soft, the ridiculously comfortable, and the crazily cozy.

Midnight Blue Cabral, Midnight Blue Dakar, Longsleeve, Vest