A Letter from our Founders: Why We've Been Sold Out

Okay, so where do we start? How about with an apology.

We are so sorry. You fell in love with our scrubs and when you tried to order more, you couldn’t. For months.

We let you down. We’ve read and discussed all the feedback - every call, email, and social media post - expressing your disappointment at our out-of-stock products and believe us, we haven't wasted a minute trying to work through this issue.

So what happened?

When we started FIGS in 2013, we had a clear mission to create 100% awesome, comfortable, beautifully designed, stretchy, and antimicrobial gear for healthcare practitioners around the world.

And it worked! It really resonated – you loved our products! What we didn’t anticipate is just how much you’d love them. We sold through what was meant to be 18 months of inventory in 6 months. We were elated but realized we needed to restock a lot more quickly than we had planned.

So why can’t we restock quicker?

Making our 100% awesome scrubs takes time. Part of the reason we haven’t been able to keep up with inventory demands is due to our high manufacturing standards.

We are meticulous about quality and color consistency. We only utilize the highest-quality fabrications in the world that have the attributes and functionality required to keep up with the demands of your busy work life.

This means rounds and rounds of testing for quality assurance and color matching with long manufacturing lead times between batches. This results in long wait times for replenishment of your favorites.

So what’s the plan?

Here’s what we’re currently doing to fix this moving forward: We are currently producing A LOT more scrubs for the fall. We’re working on our manufacturing process to reduce lead times (while maintaining our high-quality standards), as well as investing in resources and technology to effectively plan demand and production.

Granted, we know that doesn’t help you out immediately, but the good news is that we’ll have some of our best-sellers back in stock over the next two weeks.

We anticipate those will sell quickly, so we will prioritize accommodating customers who have been on the wait list. In October, we’ll significantly restock all of our core collections. By this time a lot of efforts to improve our inventory levels will be taking effect, and we anticipate you’ll see a lot less sold out styles and shorter periods between restocks.

We hope that you’ll bear with us during our growing pains and continue to support FIGS. We are committed to honesty and deeply value the relationship we have with you, so we hope you’ll hang tight (we think it’ll be worth it).  


Heather & Trina 

FIGS Founders