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Awesome Humans Bill | Advocacy For You | 2022
Hospitals get lobbyists — why don't you?

You deserve to have a say when it comes to healthcare. Nobody knows it better than you do. Yet, often your needs go unmet when it comes to mental health, compensation, safety and training.

This is why we’re inviting YOU to be a part of our Awesome Humans Bill, and fight for what you need.

Recently, we began the long and exciting process of meeting with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the policy changes you’ve asked for.

Here’s what we’re seeking:

    • More mental health services and protections to ensure you can use those services without someone trying to penalize you
    • Higher and more equitable pay
    • Safety standards that protect you, including sensible staffing ratios
    • Increased training opportunities so that more of the next generation can become healthcare professionals, improving the world and reducing the burden on you

    We brought nine Awesome Humans from different backgrounds to speak with 17 Congressional offices and representatives from the White House. They were able to share their first-hand experiences of working in healthcare and the dire need for protections, which was only exacerbated by the pandemic.

    Lawmakers don’t see the side of healthcare that you do, so they don’t know what you’ve been through — making these raw and real conversations extremely important.

    Tell us what policy changes you most want by writing to us at We want to have your back, always.

    To improve healthcare, we must focus on those providing it — YOU!