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Breast Cancer Awareness Month | 2022

Breast cancer sucks, and these Awesome Humans know it. They’re helping patients and loved ones through treatment and leading the fight for a cancer-free future.

“I have seen many Black women disproportionately impacted by breast cancer, including my aunt. Although there have been strides in management and treatment, more work needs to be done.” - Ade O., MD

“After losing family members to breast cancer, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy to take ownership of my genetics and eliminate further risk. If you have a family history of breast cancer, get genetic testing done! Knowledge is power.” - Jen R.B., OMS-II

“Always remember that the person fighting breast cancer is still your loved one, and they encompass a whole human being that reaches far beyond their diagnosis.” - Katie D., NP

“It is a privilege to help patients bring normalcy to their lives by reconstructing what they have lost after facing breast cancer.” - Alex S., MD

“Breast cancer rarely limits its intrusion to just the patient but very much extends into their families, friends and loved ones — all of whom a dedicated oncologist gets to know and love as well.” - Sanjay J., MD

“You are strong and you can battle this disease. Allow yourself to lean on the people you love, and know that your healthcare team is working tirelessly to fight alongside you. You are never alone.” - Henna A., CNM

In solidarity and support for breast cancer fighters, survivors and all the people who love them, FIGS is proudly donating $50,000 to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.