FAQ - Masks

Is this an N95?

This is not an N95 – it is meant to be worn on top of an N95 or alone when less protection is needed or available. It DOES have three layers of protection including an activated filter with PM2.5 BFE.

Does this mask have a nose guard?

Yes! Our mask has a hidden bendable nose wire to ensure a comfortable, close fit.

Are you making sure people on the frontline get them first?

We know that frontliners need masks more than anyone right now and working with global supply chain and local and state governments to get essential PPE where it needs to go; however, for our washable FIONx Protective Masks we won’t be requiring a verification step for purchase.

These masks do not provide the same level of protection as N95 masks and make great everyday masks for you to wear over an N95 or for your friends and family! That said, we are only sharing them with FIGS customers and followers!

What is PM2.5 BFE?

BFE stands for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency  — meaning it can filter PM (particulate matter) of 2.5 microns!

Will you make N95s?

We’re working on it!

Do you need to replace the filters?

Yes, you should replace the filters after 12 hours for safety. Every mask comes with three filters!

What way should the filter face?

Filters should be placed along the inside of the mask with the FIGS logo facing toward you.

How many washes does this last?

It’s made from our FIONx proprietary fabric, so do your worst and it will still be the best! Lasts 50+ washes. Don’t forget to remove the replaceable filter before each wash!

What size should I get?

Our FIONx Protective Mask is available in two sizes, S/M and M/L. Our S/M masks are designed for smaller faces or to wear alone. It fits closer to the face and has a contoured design. Our M/L are designed for all faces and intended to wear over your PPE, or alone. They have a more generous fit and a contoured design.

Mask isn't fitting correctly?

Email stat@wearfigs.com with any issues!