Revolutionizing Medical Apparel


For centuries, medical professionals have been subjected to inferior medical apparel and a mediocre shopping experience. Boxy scrubs? Ill-fitting lab coats? Harsh fabrics? Unisex? Discount stores? Aggregated sites?


We developed a solution. Welcome to FIGS. Where the status quo no longer suffices. Where complacency is met with innovation.

By interacting directly with the medical community, FIGS is able to manufacture the highest quality medical apparel and transform how it is delivered to the healthcare provider.

After many late nights in hospitals examining how medical professionals move, interact with patients, and perform their work, we have figured out exactly what they need.

Our dedicated, detail-oriented approach translates to scrubs that feel better, last longer, and provide unparalleled freedom of movement both in and out of the OR.


Meet the Founders



We made a pact that we would deliver the best medical apparel to your door in the most convenient and enjoyable way possible. We will not stop until our mission is accomplished.


Trina Spear

Trina Spear has come a long way from sleeping in her cubicle all night while working in investment banking. Although it may not have been all that glamorous, it did help her figure out all the caffeine options available – she has settled on Diet Coke.

After working in finance, Trina is thrilled to be making a positive impact on the world. When she is not on the tennis court or running around hospitals, you can find her cuddled up in front of a good reality TV show – with her FIGS scrubs on, of course!

Heather Hasson

Heather Hasson has spent her career in fashion building companies from the ground up, where she has poured all of her passion and energy into every detail of her work. She has always focused on giving back and supporting those who dedicate themselves to others.

She has traveled to over 65 countries coming face to face with those in need and will not sleep until every healthcare provider around the world is outfitted in clean scrubs. When she is not riding camels in Egypt or hanging out in factories in Portugal, you may be able to find her drinking gallons of coconut juice or riding her bike along Venice Beach.


Design Promise



At the core of everything we do is our product. We design practical, high performing and beautifully designed apparel for the demanding use in the medical world. We look to function AND fashion to develop our apparel that performs flawlessly in a full range of settings, from the hospital emergency room to the rural clinic in South Sudan. We draw feedback from our FIGS ambassadors across the country to constantly improve on every detail, with the intent of making your life easier and more functional.



Typical medical apparel is manufactured using harsh blends. Our medical apparel is infused with care and crafted for comfort, ridiculously soft to the touch.


Unlike most, we provide pockets for credit cards, ipads, iphones, pens, gauze, wedding rings, watches, and whatever else you need to store during those long shifts!


Typical medical apparel is ill-fitting, boxy and unisex. We tailor our apparel with modern lines to accentuate the figures of both men and women, separately.




We Are A B-Corporation

Giving back is ingrained into everything we do. Being a B Corporation means that we do what we say we do and hold ourselves to the highest standards. As Gandhi wisely said, "B the change you wish to see in the world."

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