"the highest standards weren't available so we created them."


Our medical professionals are on their feet for 14-hour days running around their hospitals, medical offices, and clinics. They need the most technical fabrication - antimicrobial silver technology, wrinkle resistance, durability - AND the most comfortable fabrication - lightweight, breathable, soft to the touch. 

This is technical comfort. It moves, performs, and reacts. It is surprisingly beautiful and unexpectedly functional. It is durable, yet comfortable. Provides freedom and restraint. Designed to appeal to every sense and sensation. Our foundation is built on product quality, with a relentless focus on three key areas: comfort, technology, and design.




We make the most comfortable scrubs. Period. We utilize the softest and most breathable materials across every piece we construct. 



Fabric technology is at the core of our products for the most innovative medical apparel in the industry. We integrate technical details like antimicrobial silver technology and moisture management to support you through the demands of your day.



We craft clean, modern, and minimalist scrubs that incorporate the functionality required without sacrificing the aesthetic desired. From thoughtful pocket placement to flat waistbands to anatomically-considered seams, each detail serves to complement your silhouette and to optimize the functionality of your workwear.


premium standards

The Premium Standards collection utilizes our signature light-weight, breathable fabric with a brushed-cotton feel. These classic, everyday scrubs have a relaxed fit. All FIGS scrubs are ridiculously soft, antimicrobial, and wrinkle resistant.

    Relaxed Fit  relaxed fit for maximum comfort and mobility", "Antimicrobial our antimicrobial technology is woven directly into our fabric for long-lasting protection against bacteria and infection", "Breathable breathable fabric provides unparalleled comfort

what people say about us

Dr. Emeline Aviki, M.D.

Dr. Emeline Aviki, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts

"These scrubs are insane. Absolutely the best looking scrubs I've ever seen and the most comfortable I've ever worn. I've actually worn them to clinic instead of wearing a suit." 
Dr. Bill Dorfman, M.D.

Dr. Bill Dorfman, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

"I never wore scrubs because they were so uncomfortable but when I put on FIGS, they were so soft and cozy, almost like pajamas. They are really comfortable. I want to wear them all the time." 
Dr. Jake Deutsch, M.D.

Dr. Jake Deutsch, M.D.
New York City, NY

"They feel and fit amazing. And for every pair purchased one is donated to a healthcare provider in need. That's a company I and Cure Urgent Care stand behind!!!!"
Dr. Reza Danesh, M.D.

Dr. Reza Danesh, M.D.
Paia, Hawaii

"FIGS is the only clothing I own that is both extremely comfortable and professional. Everyone from my patients to nurses to clerks compliments me on how nice my scrubs look. If only if they knew how comfortable they feel!" 


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