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Jen K., NP

"Follow what energizes you."

With a commitment to serving marginalized communities, nurse practitioner Jen is on a mission to bring quality healthcare to women experiencing homelessness.

Suzcely F., LPN

"I can make a huge difference in my community and give a voice to Black women."

Suzcely started her career in healthcare as a medic in the Air Force and now works as a rehabilitation and medical surgery nurse. She's currently in school to complete her BSN, and hopes to become a women's health nurse practitioner.

Jordin R., BSN, RN

"Pursue the opportunities that come your way. Ask questions, be inquisitive. You can ask for help and that's okay."

Jordin started her career in bedside nursing, but quickly found her niche in research. Now she's shifting her focus from helping patients recover in the hospital to conducting clinical trials with the goal of finding a cure for pulmonary hypertension.

Kalvin M., Psychiatric Nurse, Future NP

"If you wanna be part of greatness, if you wanna be part of history, or if you wanna make history, you’re on the right path."

Working towards certification as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurse Kalvin is driven by a desire to support healthier mindsets and happier lives.

Khara H., BSN, RN

"Each patient has a name and a story, and the great thing about nursing is that we get to know them."

Registered nurse Khara is a pediatric hematology oncology bone marrow transplant nurse working at a large children's hospital while she finishes her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Marvin D., RN, MSN, CEN

"To be an exceptional nurse, you should be empowered by compassion and rooted in strength."

Marvin was initially drawn to emergency nursing because of the fast pace and critical thinking that make it possible to make a difference in someone's life in an urgent situation. He's been a nurse for sixteen years, has seven national nursing certifications and two master's degrees.