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A veterinarian with a dog.

Threads for Threads

Giving back is ingrained in everything we do at FIGS, and has been from the beginning.

When we started FIGS, we created our Threads for Threads initiative to donate scrubs to healthcare professionals who work in resource-poor countries and lack the proper uniforms to do their jobs safely. By providing clean scrubs to these individuals, we aim to empower them and improve the quality of care they provide. We also partner with amazing organizations and Awesome Humans who help us deliver the scrubs — as well as donate their time, expertise, and care.

As we have continued to grow as a company, so has the breadth of our mission. In order to truly serve medical professionals on a global scale, we see a fundamental opportunity to do more. In addition to continuing to donate scrubs, we now make a bigger, longer-lasting impact for the community we serve – and the communities they serve – around the world.

Want to learn more? You can check out our most recent FIGS Impact Report here.

Highlights from FIGS threads for threads program. Memories Made. Tons. Organizations we've partnered with. 60. Countries where we've donated. 35. Impact of a set of FIGs. Invaluable.
A veterinarian with a dog.

12/09/2023 - 12/16/2023

In December 2023, FIGS and a team of nine veterinary professionals traveled to Baja, Mexico to learn from and work alongside Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation. Over four days our team helped facilitate spay & neutering surgeries, pet wellness exams and vaccines for more than 350 animals in need. When a supply truck holding essential medicines was burglarized, we stepped in, donating $20,000 to ensure this important work could continue.

A FIGS ambassador stands with a local healthcare provider.


This year, the FIGS team and a few very Awesome Humans traveled to Ugunja, Kenya to meet our incredible partners at the Tiba Foundation and the Matibabu Foundation. There, we kicked off the construction of a new operating theater and ICU at Matibabu's hospital — a piece of infrastructure that will save lives and last for generations. FIGS was honored to donate scrubs to the Boda Girls initiative, whose mission is to provide women safe passage to-and-from hospital appointments, something that can be a challenge in rural Kenya.

A nurse helping someone.


In October 2019, the FIGS team and seven Awesome Humans traveled to Manipur, India to donate 500 sets of scrubs and administer free medical care. Despite having very little equipment and even fewer medications at our disposal, we were able to treat over 4,000 patients in three days.

A nurse helping someone.


In August 2018, the FIGS team and five Awesome Humans teamed up with the amazing non-profit Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). Together, we visited Huancayo, Peru where we donated 1,500 scrubs and cared for over 300 patients in clinics, hospitals, schools and an orphanage.

Picture of Heather Hasson and Trina Spear by a plane loading Threads for Threads supplies.

Your Missions. Our Scrubs.

The job is too big for us to tackle alone (for now!), so we partner with like-minded organizations and individuals who do extraordinary work.

Three nurses in white scrubs
"Sharing the scrubs with the in-country doctors helped us build a connection."
– Taylor, Medical Brigade President with Global Brigades
Two nurses surrounded by children
"The scrubs kept us working at our best, and very comfortable in the hot, humid Dominican Republic climate. Additionally, the scrubs unified us as a team and allowed us to focus on our mission."
– Sameer, student leader with Volunteers Around the World
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