For those who think outside the box

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We think outside the box to serve you, our awesome humans.

New bold colors. Innovative styles. Technical fabrications. You inspire everything we create. We will never stop pushing what’s expected. Because we know you won’t either.

We chose nine Awesome Humans who embody the outside the box mindset through their perseverance, innovation and dedication.

Meet them below.

Challenge convention in charcoal

Not your ordinary shade of grey, Charcoal is deeply concentrated, highly dimensional and definitely brings some drama to your workplace (in a good way).

Natalie C., MD, OB

It takes complete vulnerability:
To do work you’re truly passionate about.
To have open, trusting relationships with your patients.
To create a podcast that educates and empowers women around the world.

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Natalie wears the Rafaela Mandarin Collar Scrub Top, the Wasu Jogger Scrub Pant and the Salta Performance Underscrub

Jonathan K., MD

It takes focusing on the big picture:
To chase your professional and personal dreams with passion.
To use your platform to impart how making small changes can make a big difference in your life.
To care for your patient as a whole person, rather than just treating one symptom.

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Jonathan wears the Daru Collared Scrub Top and the Moro Cargo Scrub Pant

Jesse B., MD

It takes a real sense of adventure:
To be motivated by the most difficult medical cases.
To travel overseas to give someone the gift of sight.
To raise a family, take care of patients and still find time for yourself.

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Jesse wears the Rafaela Mandarin Collar Scrub Top and the Wasu Jogger Scrub Pant
Heather Olive
Make it happen in heather olive

Game-changers, pioneers and never-give-uppers make the impossible possible. Our newest Seasonal Color, Heather Olive, is also kind of like that — totally unexpected and awesome. So we asked some of the most ambitious Awesome Humans we know to wear it.

Evan A., DVM

It takes making the impossible possible:
To star in your own TV series.
To treat a dog in California, save a jaguar in Mexico and fight against poaching in Africa all in a day’s work.

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Evan wears Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top and Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants

Mery W., Future Vet

It takes pushing your limits:
To follow your lifelong passion of working with animals.
To crush three years of veterinary school.
To see the big picture and treat your patients and their people with dignity.

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Mery wears Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top and Kade Cargo Scrub Pants

Andrew K., DVM

It takes shifting your perspective:
To become an exotic and wildlife veterinarian.
To create a documentary series that explores the human-animal bond.
To explore how we can have more compassion for one another.

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Andrew wears Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top and Cairo Cargo Scrub Pants
Go boldly in burgundy

Our best-selling Seasonal Color was developed with boldness in mind — to inspire you to challenge the expected and get sh*t done. That’s why we’ve asked some of the boldest Awesome Humans we know to wear it (and work it) for us.

Danielle L., DNP, ACNP

It takes perseverance, dedication and sacrifice:
To go after your doctorate while working full time.
To create a podcast that inspires others to pursue their dreams.
To redefine what it means to be a nurse and an entrepreneur.

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Danielle wears Catarina One-Pocket Scrub Top and Yola Skinny Scrub Pants

Frank B., RN

It takes true belief in self:
To immigrate from the Dominican at age 15.
To transition from awesome housekeeper to awesome RN at NYU Hospital.

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Frank wears Chisec Three-Pocket Scrub Top and Pisco Basic Scrub Pants

Cassie M., MD

It takes positivity, innovation and passion:
To never settle in or outside of work (tip: marry a firefighter!)
To find perfect balance as a science nerd, shopaholic and travel addict
To empower others to become Emergency Medicine doctors.

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Cassie wears Catarina One-Pocket Scrub Top and Jema Adjustable Scrub Pant